What clients think of our services

Tim’s extensive knowledge of the Kumano Kodo was truly impressive, and his storytelling skills were outstanding. Through captivating facts and unique stories that I hadn’t heard from other guides, Tim fostered a profound sense of unity with those who had walked the same path. It was an immersive and unforgettable experience that I am grateful for. Tim’s exceptional guiding skills and his unique perspective made my Kumano Kodo journey truly remarkable.

Giuliana – Seattle Washington

Spring, 2023
Kamikura Kamikura – Hayatama Shrine

We hired the Kodo Walkers guiding service to guide us on a four-day trek from Owase to the Hananoiwaya shrine, and then a day at the Nachi Shrine area. In summary, it felt like a wonderfully rare and special experience that we never could have achieved without such knowledgeable and well-connected guides. During the first three days of the trip, we saw virtually no tourists along the route or in the places we stayed — and the landscape, communities, and ambience in general were all stellar.

Overall, I cannot recommend the Kodo Walkers enough. Thanks to a wonderful planning effort on the part of my partner, we kind of fell into their capable hands and the whole experience felt so lucky and fortunate that, even midway through the trip, I decided I’d need to try and describe the value inherent in the Kodo Walker’s offering to anyone who will listen. If you’re considering an adventure to the Kumano Kodo, I am confident that you can’t do better than to hire the Kodo Walkers. We wish you all the best on your pilgrimage.

Matt – Seattle Washington
4-day Iseji Trek

What a great experience. Tim met us at the Kumanoshi train stop and we immediately took the taxi ride directly to Hananoiwaya. Tim gave us local insights, stories. He was able to converse with local people which added little gems and stories to our guided hike. Portions of the trail were closed due to a fireworks festival set up but Tim knew the alternative paths and worked around those sections seamlessly. He could answer all our obscure Japan questions and even found us a quiet off the beaten track restaurant for coffee and cake after the hike ended back in town. Our experience was so enriched by having a guide who knew the paths and stories of this beautiful but lesser traveled Iseji route. We would not have been able to navigate this section without a guide. Highly recommended.

United States (Females, age 50-59)
Matsumoto Pass – Onigajo – Hananoiwaya shrine

I had the pleasure of walking with the Kodo Walkers as our guide. It started with our guide for the day, Tim explaining exactly what we were going to do and what to expect. He made sure we all had insect repellent on the right spots.

Every now and then Tim stopped – combining two useful things: sharing relevant information and taking rests.

What I loved most is that Tim knew topics thoroughly: when he talked about wood, he knew about the smell, the touch, how to differentiate. When he talked about history it wasn’t like something he had just learned by heart, it all made sense. I could really see the traveling salesman walking through the woods with their long sticks carrying fish to sell. Or the making of charcoal … or that mean lord, that was hated in Kumano but loved in the adjacent prefecture…or the importance of rice to the people here. The stories added a whole new dimension to the walk and made the place come alive.

– it was a good mixture and from time to time he made little quizzes and jokes.

I really enjoyed this tour a lot and I was lucky to have it as a foundation for my other tours on the Kodo. Thank you very much! I will recommend Tim and the Kodo Walkers to family and friends. I will come back to Japan again and continue where I left off.

Laura – Austria
Tori Toge Pass – Maruyama Senmaida