Package Routes

Tori Pass & Semmaida

This route takes you first over a mountain pass, then down to an extraordinary hillside of over 1300 terraced rice fields. It is like stepping out of a time machine into the Japan of long ago. You will hear about Japanese rice culture and how it shaped both the landscape and history of Japan.
Meeting place: Senmaida Tori-toge-iriguchi bus stop
Route: Tori-toge trailhead – Tori-toge Pass (elevation gain 256 meters) – Maruyama Senmaida – back to the bus stop
Note: If it has rained in the two or three days before your hike, the trail will be slippery. Be sure to have good footwear.

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Atashika to Kinomoto

This route takes you through small sea-side villages and over low wooded hills. This area also serves as a backdrop for the fascinating local history, stories and legends that helped make the Kumano Kodo a cultural UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a wonderful balance of walking through nature and ultra-rural Japan.
This unique route will give you a glimpse into old ways and culture of Japanese life.
Meeting place: Atashika Station
Starting time: 8:40 am
Route: Atashika beach – Koshin guardians – Jofuku Shrine – the hamlet of Hadasu – Obuki Pass (elevation 205 meters) – Lunch at 12:30pm – Matsumoto Pass (elevation 135 meters) – Kumano-shi Station
Estimated finish time: 4:30

Magose pass

Magose pass is one of the most popular routes on the Iseji. One reason is the 2 kilometers of remarkably well preserved original stone path. It takes you through wooded valleys and slopes with the sounds of nature all around you. There are also many points of interest where you can learn about the rich history of the area.
Meeting place: Michi-no-Eki Miyama
Start time: 9:30 am
Route: Magose Pass trailhead – Magose Pass (325 meter elevation) – Lunch at noon – Owase Shrine – a 15 minute walk to Owase Station
Estimated finish time: 3 pm

Matsumoto Pass package

This route starts at what some believe is the oldest Shinto shrine, Hana-no-iwaya, then to the dynamic, rock formations Onigajo, eroded by wind and sea over many millennia. Finally to Matsumoto pass, with its beautiful stone steps heading to the pass with a breathtaking view of Shichiri Mihama shoreline. This short course is a treasure-trove of cultural and historical significance.

Meeting place: Kumano-shi Station
Starting time: 8:30 am (or 12:30)
Route: Taxi to Hana-no-iwaya (approximately 800 yen) – Taxi to Shishi-iwa and on to Onigajo (approx. 1200 yen) – hike over Matsumoto pass (135) – walk back to Kumano-shi station
Estimated finishing time: 3 pm
NOTE: Prices for taxi are for up to 4 people

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